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Training modules for educators who aim to develop skills as leaders of people, organisations, schools, new initiatives, etc.

Abstract Pathway
Mr Chris Tsang, Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong)

Making Learning Visible -

e-Learning Platform on STEM Education, Self-directed Learning and Flipped Classroom

Mr Chris Tsang, Vice Principal

Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong)

Professor Nancy Law


Professor Nancy Law

“Making Learning Visible” (展現 學習 在眼前)

Dissemination on 2 June 2022


Mr Chris Tsang, Vice-principal of Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong), has joined the Faculty as ALiTE Fellow during his 3-month sabbatical leave between March and May 2022, for the development of an e-platform on STEM Education, Self-directed Learning and Flipped Classroom, under the mentorship of Professor Nancy Law and members of the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE), Faculty of Education, HKU.


To celebrate the success of the e-platform, the Open House of Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong) entitled “Making Learning Visible” (展現 學習 在眼前) will be held on 2 June 2022 (Thursday), 2:30pm-4:00pm via ZOOM.  Parallel sharing sessions on the application of e-learning and self-directed learning in the three core subjects, viz Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics will be conducted. 

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ALiTE Fellows as Practitioner-scholars

The ALiTE Fellows Programme for In-service Teachers and Principals is designed for in-service teachers and principals who plan to take a sabbatical leave, furthering the development of their knowledge and skills as practitioner-scholars (educators, researchers and community leaders). 

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