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Learning and 


Training modules for educators who aim to develop skills as leaders of people, organisations, schools, new initiatives, etc.

Professional Learning Series -
Professional development programmes for in-service teachers in kindergartens,
primary and secondary schools

國際文憑教育(IB)中文教學暑期研討課程 - 
IB Chinese Teaching
Summer Institute - 

From Theory to Practice

24-25 June 2023

The HKU International Baccalaureate (IB) Chinese Teaching Summer Institute is co-conducted by academics in the HKU Faculty of Education, and frontline teachers who are alumni of the Faculty's Master of Education programme. It aims at providing insights and guidance on six key issues related to the written, taught and assessed curriculum of IB Chinese. It works towards the close integration of theory and practice, enhancing frontline IB Chinese teachers’ theoretical understanding and teaching skills.

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