Different pronunciations of "ALiTE":


/əˈlaɪt/ pronounced as "a-light" - 

a light in the darkness, shining through the way

/əˈliːt/ pronounced as "elite" -

providing the best education, training and professional development

/'ɑ:laɪt/ pronounced as "Ah-lite" -

with a touch of a Hong Kong accent!

About ALiTE

The Academy for Leadership in Teacher Education (ALiTE) in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong is a platform for cross-faculty, multi-faceted work around teacher/leader education, and a think tank for innovative research, practice and teaching - locally, regionally and internationally. It is intended to be an international hub for the professional development and education of educators - broadly and inclusively defined across sectors, organisations, disciplines / specialisations, and national borders - so as to serve contemporary and evolving needs for global impact.  

ALiTE is envisioned as a magnet for local and international scholars, a conduit for intra- and cross-national conversations, and a liaison across multiple networks and stakeholder groups. ALiTE's broad and encompassing definition of educator or teacher, will ensure inclusivity and wide participation, and will foster exchange across boundaries that can demolish the silos that prevent growth and inventive thinking. It will be an intellectual space where people who are deeply committed to quality and equitable education for all, can come together to think, collaborate, and share in order to create better solutions to enduring social issues and imagine new possibilities. 

Our Foci



Teacher Leader Learning and Development

Teacher/Leader Learning



Exchange and Collaboration




Knowledge Generation

Knowledge Generation

Resource Curating and Dissemination





Advisory Committee 2021-22

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Monaliza Maximo Chian

Dr Monaliza Maximo Chian