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Leadership Series 

     for Principals and School Leaders

Leaders Preparing to Use Data for Professional and Organisational Learning

14 April 2021


Dr Priya Goel La Londe

Assistant Professor,

Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Date: April 14, 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Mode: Online via Zoom

Medium of Instruction: English

Target Participants: Principals, vice principals, assistant principals and middle managers in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools

Quota: 35 participants

About the Workshop

Today’s school leaders are responsible for collecting and using performance and evaluation data for multiple purposes – school self-evaluation, compliance, accountability, and for school improvement. Oftentimes, data use for school improvement is compromised, and data are simply used to show performance gains. Many principals and middle managers find themselves wondering: Can teachers use student performance data to improve teaching? Are there ways of organising schedules and routines to help teachers use data in ways that actually improve learning and teaching? Can leaders use evaluation data to support teachers’ professional growth? Is there anything my team and I can learn from data that will help us know how to support students with educational needs and diverse learners? The answer to all of these questions is YES. School leaders absolutely can create policies and practices to begin to move toward uses of student performance and teacher evaluation data for professional and organisational learning. This workshop is focused squarely on equipping school practitioners with the right models and essential knowledge to use data in meaningful ways. We will focus on developing the awareness, commitment, and skill to use student performance and teacher evaluation data for professional and organisational learning. 



Through modes of small group dialogue, case analysis, and short and informal lecture, participants will:

  1. Identify and consider common patterns – cited in research and also unique to Hong Kong – that interfere with data use for professional and organisational learning;

  2. Study global case(s) of schools that both struggle and succeed in data use;

  3. Explore evidence-based practices and models for data use, including the Harvard Data Wise and other research-based routines and frameworks for supporting staff to use student performance and teacher evaluation data; and

  4. Apply Hong Kong student performance data instruments (e.g., School Based Assessments) and evaluation instruments (e.g., Key Performance Measures, Stakeholder Survey and APASO) data use principles and frameworks.


Through the collaborative learning process, participants will gain the necessary awareness, commitment, and skill to facilitate the use student performance and teacher evaluation data for professional and organisational learning. Participants will leave this workshop with tangible materials, conceptual tools, and tacit knowledge that will help them begin or make strides in their school’s unique goals on professional and organisational learning. 

About the speakers

 Dr Priya Goel LA LONDE is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. She holds cross-disciplinary training in sociology, early childhood education, and education leadership and policy, and has 10 years of practitioner experience. In public schools in Chicago and in private international schools in Shanghai, Dr. La Londe has taught primary grades and was a co-principal in a secondary school. Her research examines the relationship between school reform policies and school improvement, and her current work examines how accountability policies shape teaching, leadership, and school culture. She takes an applied, participatory approach to her research, as she works alongside teachers, middle managers, and principals to support school improvement efforts through research and inquiry.


For more details, please visit https://web.edu.hku.hk/staff/academic/pgll.



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