The "New Normal" in Education

Updated: Jul 7

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world expeditiously and enduringly. People have to maintain an appropriate social distance while almost every financial activity has to be refrained. Educators around the globe are striving to make education possible in this turbulent time. Blended learning and online learning have now become the axes of modern education. It is time for us to take this critical moment as an opportunity to re-examine our educational goals and rethink possible pedagogies. In light of this, it is necessary and urgent for educators, education researchers and related parties to keep up with new normal in education. The scholarly field has researched on the effectiveness of implementing sustainability and time-based learning models with help from emerging technologies. Numerous institutions have started exploring how to make learning more visible when physical contacts are to be avoided. Below are some of the school examples and scholarly work that can be of references.

School Examples

Shaping the New Normal in Education - Greg Miller (TEDxParramatta)

「新常態」下的科組領導角色 (香港中文大學)(Co-planning example from CUHK)

教育界考驗:迎接教學新常態 (勵志會陳鄭潔雲幼稚園) (????)

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Extended Readings and Internet Resources

Embracing Teaching and Learning Challenges and Trends in Higher Education (HKU)

Esperanza founded by John C TSANG - Reimagine Education Challenge

Learners in the New Normal (Webinar by Professor Kai-ming CHENG and Professor Jonathan MICHIE)

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Student Reflections During the Pandemic: An Opportunity for Educators to Create a "New Normal” (Article by Challenge Success)

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The New Normal of Learning: Online Classes – The Young Reporter (HKBU)


A New Normal: Episode 4 Education (Video by UBS Nobel Perspectives)

Changing Education Paradigms by Sir Ken ROBINSON (RSA Animated Video)

OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030: The New “Normal” in Education

UNSECO Debating the Futures of Education: The New Normal

程介明教授:教學新常態會怎樣不一樣?《教育大未來》(2020-12-16)(Video by Master Insight interviewing Professor Kai-ming CHENG)