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How Can We Prepare Educators for How People Learn? Implications of the Science of Learning for ...

How Can We Prepare Educators for How People Learn? Implications of the Science of Learning for Educator Preparation

Professor Linda Darling-Hammond

Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Emeritus

Stanford University

President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute


Date: March 13, 2019 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

"The big idea is that, everything students need for their learning, teachers need too...that means we have to create experiences for them (teachers), that allow them to expand their experiences."

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New knowledge about human development from neuroscience and the sciences of learning and development demonstrates that effective learning depends on secure attachments; affirming relationships; rich, hands-on learning experiences that are well-scaffolded to support the development of metacognitive skills; and explicit integration of social, emotional, and academic skills. A positive school environment supports student' growth across all the developmental pathways -- physical, psychological, cognitive, social, and emotional -- while it reduces stress and anxiety that create biological impediments to learning. Such an environment takes a "whole child" approach to education, seeking to address the distinctive strengths, needs, and interests of students as they engage in learning. In this lecture, Professor Lind Darling-Hammond describes how schools can use effective, research-based practices to create settings in which all aspects of students' development are supported by the design of classrooms and the school as a whole, and how educator preparation programmes can develop teachers and leaders who are able to teach and lead in these ways.

About the Speaker

Linda Darling-Hammond is the Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Emeritus, at Stanford University and President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute, USA. She has conducted extensive research on issues of educator supply, demand, and quality. Among her award-winning publications in this area are What Matters Most: Teaching for America's Future, Teaching as the Learning Profession; and Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Learn and be Able to Do. She was executive director of the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future and director of RAND Corporation's education programme. Professor Darling-Hammond began her career as a public school teacher.


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